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Awards & Accreditations

SAVORTEX Awarded the Quiet Mark for its revolutionary EcoCurve – the Quietest, high speed, hand dryer on the market.

SAVORTEX, the award winning British technology company and recent winners of the Energy Efficient Product of the Year award, are proud to announce their pioneering Quiet hand dryer – the EcoCurve.

SAVORTEX joins the Quiet Revolution with Quiet Mark, aiming to evolve user understanding of sound quality, developing a new era of sound measurement for hand dryers within washroom facilities.

The EcoCurve 450W is the latest product within the SAVORTEX range, has a sound decibel level of just 83db, making it the quietest, high speed hand dryer on the market.

In a recent survey, the Noise Abatement Society discovered that 61% of people say they feel the need to escape noise every day, which is why this year businesses have been focusing their efforts on producing electrical devices that deliver minimal sound.

Syed Ahmed, Managing Director for SAVORTEX said: “We are delighted to be part of this cutting edge and world leading initiative. We have invested in creating quieter, high performance solutions which help reduce unwanted noise from our products. SAVORTEX engineers understand the importance of smart airflow design within our products creating an enhanced, smoother and quieter sound output. Thus, we have developed a new era of sound quality for you to experience.”

The benefits of the EcoCurve do not stop at low sound production either. The pioneering technology we have designed makes it the most energy efficient hand dryer ever made. The EcoCurve dryer can successfully dry up to 59 pairs of hands for as little as 1p and takes just 11 seconds to hygienically dry hands.

SAVORTEX approved for the Enhanced Capital Allowance and listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL)

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme is administered by the Carbon Trust and Department of Energy and Climate Change and is a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change. It provides businesses with enhanced tax relief for capital investment in equipment that meets published energy-saving criteria.

Syed Ahmed, Director SAVORTEX said: “We are delighted that we have been approved by Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Treasury. This puts us in a very strong position indeed, and encourages the purchasing of low carbon technologies”.

Savortex invited to join the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

SAVORTEX has joined the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The LCCI is one of the world’s most respected business organisations and we are proud to be a member alongside over 2,500 other companies.

This increasing profile of SAVORTEX comes just when we are launching the world’s only Intelligent Hand Dryer. The innovative EcoCurve is the only dryer that submits its usage data to the Cloud.

As well as being the most energy efficient high speed hand dryer on the market, the Intelligent EcoCurve Dryer allows the remote management of washrooms for the first time.

With its low energy and efficient management of resources it contributes towards company sustainability and CSR goals.

SAVORTEX Wins Top Energy Industry Award

‘Energy Efficient Product of the Year’

Energy Award logo

On December 4th 2013 at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, over 500 of the Energy Industry’s elite gathered in London to witness the prestigious Energy Award’s annual ceremony.

The Awards acknowledge achievement in carbon reduction, energy efficiency and products and services.

Sustainability Live Award SAVORTEX

‘Energy Product/Service Award at the 2013 Environment and Energy Awards’.

SAVORTEX reflected the best and most innovative developments within their industry and was honored.

As a landmark event in the energy and environment industry calendar, the award demonstrated outstanding projects, new product developments and inspirational leadership.

British Airways logo


British Airways invite SAVORTEX to join their Energy Day

British Airways Property Services are on mission to reduce energy use across its property portfolio by 8%.

On the 6th December at their Waterside office British Airways invited companies dedicated to energy saving and sustainability to showcase themselves and invited staff, business partners and suppliers to share the experience.


Guinness Worlds Records, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, announces that it has certified the first-ever world record to be achieved by SAVORTEX for their EcoSmart hand-dryer: ‘Most pairs of hands dried using 30 kJ’.

SAVORTEX Join BIFM as a Corporate Member

Syed Ahmed, Director SAVORTEX said:

“BIFM remains constant in continuing to raise the profile of FM to keep it on the business agenda and brings together the facilities management community. As a Corporate Member we are demonstrating our commitment to the FM profession by delivering FM excellence”.

SAVORTEX recognised as one of the UK’s most innovative and fast growing Cleantech companies backed by the UK Trade & Investment.

Speaking at the launch at the London Stock Exchange, the Minister for Climate Change, Greg Barker, said: “It’s a credit to the renewed groundswell in ambition and the confidence for growth among young and enterprising small businesses that so many applied for a place on this Clean and Cool Mission”.

SAVORTEX awarded Energy Efficiency Initiative of the Year Award at the Electrical Times Industry Awards

SAVORTEX are an exciting British manufacturing company making inroads into £3.64bn electrical wholesaling market with an award winning hand dryer.

SAVORTEX praised for ‘Innovation for sustainable procurement for Smart Buildings’

SAVORTEX and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers recently held a thought-leaders seminar and networking event at their headquarters in London.

Influential speakers from CBRE, Frost & Sullivan, Sodexo and The University of Greenwich delivered presentations on the importance of sourcing innovative, low energy technology for UK building premises and how to encourage sustainable procurement for a greener future.

Syed Ahmed, Director, SAVORTEX lead as the keynote speaker and unveiled the SAVORTEX EcoSmart Meter – connected washroom technology that is set to change the way hand dryers are procured. He commented:

“This is first of many planned events from SAVORTEX that focus on the core decisions around sustainable procurement. We are delighted to have brought together some of the UK’s leading engineers, FMs, architects, procurement and sustainability champions to share best practice on the smart building spectrum”.

SAVORTEX achieves Green Specification Approval

When selecting sustainable construction materials, identifying ‘Green’ products is the number 1 issue for architects, specifiers and other building designers.

GreenSpec’s PASS endorsement label is recognised as the leading practical labeling system enabling designers to distinguish really green products from lesser environmental quality materials. For manufacturers, PASS equips their products to stand-out from the ‘greenwash’ background noise.


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